A visa scam run from abroad

In her role as consular general for Australian immigration services, and sometimes as a ruling leader who aspires to become an MP in Bangladesh. She would then lure people to apply to permanent residence in Australia for between Tk 20-25 million per visa.

Umme Fatema Rossy (35), an Australian ex-pat, would tell her target that she received awards from the Australian prime Minister and was well connected to the country's immigration ministry.

She would encourage them to apply family-based permanent residency visas. She would then cut all ties with visa aspirants after she received the money.

Fraudster Lisa Scamming More Than Two Dice, including a Supreme Court lawyer from Bangladesh, was able to deceive more than twenty people. In July, the two victims filed two cases against the Dhaka Chief Metro Magistrate Court as well as the Cyber Tribunal of Bangladesh.

Rosy is the primary accused in both of these cases. According to the first information report (FIR), in one of the cases, Rosy was an immigrant with an Australian passport and the Jhalakathi native who ran the racket.

Rosy's mother Farida Jamin and her brother Rakib Hazan Mitul were also implicated in the case.

Rosy is also being investigated in four additional cases that involve allegations of fraudulence or human trafficking, police stated.

MABM Khairul Islam an advocate at Supreme Court paid more Than Tk 75 lakh to pay for nine of his victims

Family members. He paid Tk 20.37 lakh cash to Rosy's mother Farida and decashed Tk 55.37 crore to two accounts.

Khairul Islam (also from Jhalakathi) said to The Daily Star that Rosy is a long-time, close family friend. She reintroduced herself as the current consular General of the Sydney Immigration Office. She stated that she would sponsor us."

Rosy informed them by email that Covid-19 would prevent them from being interviewed directly. Rosy sent them their application file numbers, signed forms for medicare, and air tickets after they had paid the visa application fees.

KHairul was requested to report to VFS Office by Akash on June 13, who introduced himself to VFS Global Bangladesh Pvt Ltd.

Khairul, however, was told by VFS authorities that all documents had been faked when he visited.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), police, finally arrested two members in the racket -- SaimunIslam (26) and Ashfakuzzaman Khilgaon (26) -- for impersonating VFS officials and forging visa papers.

The law enforcers confiscated seven fake visa grant letters, five fake cards for health, six fake flights tickets, and two phones from their possessions.

Yesterday's press conference saw Imam Hossain, an additional DIG for CID, say that Rosy has been in Australia over a decade, and that she had embezzled millions of dollars by conniving visa aspirants.

According to the CID official, "We would talk with National Central Bureau (NCB), in Dhaka to get she back from Australia."

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